Safety Precautions and Procedures


We take extreme measures to ensure your safety by cleaning all surfaces using disinfectant as per the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBSA) Standard Protocols issues in May 2020.

We will require you to complete a our indemnity and medical declaration prior to arrival and your temperature will be taken by a contactless infra-red thermometer. Should your temperature be above 37,5 celcius we will not allow entry into our establishment and will refer you to the Sunninghill hospital. 

All surfaces and contact areas are thoroughly cleaned with the recommended cleaning agents and we change all linen and towelling that are cleaned at high temperatures. 

It is recommended that towelling is brought by yourself however this is not always practical so they are provided standard. 

Breakfast is not prepared or served however the ingredients will be placed in the fridges in the units for your own preparation. We will clean daily and santise all areas as mentioned.